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the history:

regradless of the factors; you’ve made it another year doing something you love and then their’s life. no need to panic, party! not only will we secure those easly forgettable task for you, we’ll do our best to ensure you have something to leave your childrens, children! *if you abide to the holy will of yah that is. MU-OP does not guarantee success of you business but does ensure the highest quality of services. disclaimer*

tenure continuation report:

business filings.
digital renewals.
marque losses...
we gotcha covered...


designed with your business in mind!...


please be advised: MU-OP provides application services for client business filings updates and digital services renewals only, and does not do third party application renewals; although, we will notify you of such services, taxes and fees from business filings updates are the sole-responsibility of the account holder and will not reflect as paid for or will not be paid for by anewluxurystandard! or MU-OP, all rights are solely-reserved.

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automated enrollment upon checkout. one-years worth of ten-minute services screening calls, starting from anewluxurystandard!'s coverage sign-up date. if you already have '* request call backs on us' activated on your account, auto-renewal will opt. you in for the following calendar year.